Adding videos

The accordion has built-in support for YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, VideoJS and Sublime videos. The support consists in the accordion's ability to control the videos automatically (i.e., pause the video when the panel is closed, play the video when the panel is opened, etc.).

In addition to these supported video types, you can add any other video, but you will also need to add your own code for implementing the automatic handling.

Videos can be added in the Layers editor, as Video Layers . This type of layer provide a field where you simply need to put the iframe embed, in the case of YouTube and Vimeo videos, or the HTML code in the case of HTML5 videos.

YouTube example:

HTML5 Video example:

You might notice that after you save the layers, the code you added is modified a little. This is because the accordion prepares the video for allowing it to be automatically controlled. For this purpose it adds the as-video class to the iframe or video tag. Also, it adds the enablejsapi=1 parameter to YouTube videos and the api=1 parameter to Vimeo videos.

In the admin area, in accordion's Video sidebar panel, you can set how the video will react to the opening or closing of panels.

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