Loading images from a post's gallery

To get started with gallery images you will need to set the "Slide Type" option to "Gallery".


The 'Post' option allows you to specify the ID of the post from where images will be fetched. If you leave this option to -1, the images will be fetched from the post where the slider is inserted. This would probably be the most common use, but for flexibility you can also fetch images from a different post.


The 'Maximum' option sets the maximum number of images that will be loaded.


'Offset' sets the index/position from where the fetching will start.


Indicates whether the slider will load images attached/uploaded to the post or images from a gallery that was added to that post.

As with 'Posts Content' slides, selecting where data should be fetched from is only the first step. Next, you will need to use the slider's dynamic tags to specify where the fetched data should be displayed.

Dynamic tags examples

Load the featured image as a main image for the slide and set the 'alt' and 'title' attributes for the image.

Insert the post title, the date of the post and the excerpt of the post in the slide's layers.

Set the link of the main slide image to be the link of the post and set the link's title to the title of the post.

Please note that these are just a few variations. You can use the dynamic tags in any of the slide's fields and in any combination.

Dynamic tags

The dynamic tags available for the 'Gallery Images' slides are: [sp_image], [sp_image_alt], [sp_image_title], [sp_image_caption] and [sp_image_description]:

[sp_image] Returns the URL of the featured image, if it exists for the post, or the URL of the first image from the post. It also has a 'size' argument which can take the following values: full, large, medium, small. You can use the 'size' argument to load the full image version as the main slide image and the small image as a thumbnail. Example: [sp_image size="small"]
[sp_image_alt] Returns the alt text of the image.
[sp_image_title] Returns the title of the image.
[sp_image_caption] Returns the specified caption for the image.
[sp_image_description] Returns the specified description for the image.
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