Opening the slider in a lightbox

In order to load a slider instance in a lightbox you need to do two things:

  • insert the [slider_pro_lightbox] shortcode in the post/page where the lightbox will be opened
  • add the "slider-pro-lightbox-ID" class to the element that will open the lightbox; the ID from the class represents the ID of the slider
[slider_pro_lightbox id="3"]
<a class="slider-pro-lightbox-3">Click Me</a>

If you need a PHP method to load the lightbox slider, you can use the "slider_pro_lightbox()" call, as seen in the code below:

<?php slider_pro_lightbox();?>

Also, when using the PHP method, you must set the slider's "Include Skin" option (from the "General" panel) to true.

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