Adding layers

One of the most important features of the slider is the possibility to add animated or static layers. The layers can contain any content: simple text, inline HTML, videos, dynamic slide tags.

If you hover over a layer you will see 3 buttons appear in the top-left corner. The first button allows you to edit the content of the layer. The second button allows you to customize the layer. It's possible to edit the size, position, style or transition of the layer. If you hover over the name of an option you will see a description of the option and, where available, some of the possible values that the option can take.

The slider makes it very easy to insert videos inside the layers, using the below "Insert Video" button. After you select the video, a shortcode will appear in the layer. You will then need to provide further information about the video, like the ID of YouTube or Vimeo videos, or the path to the video files in case of Video JS or HTML5 videos.

NOTE: In order to have the layers' background sized to the same size that the slide will have, please go to "Preview Slider" and then click "Apply Values". This step is necessary because the slider needs to be rendered before it can determine the final size of the slide area.

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