Working with the slide panels

Inside the slide panels you will insert all the data related to the slide. Here you will add the slide's image, thumbnail, layers, caption, inline HTML content, link or lightbox, and also individual settings.

The slide panels are draggable, so you can reorder the slides simply by dragging the panels in the desired position. Please note that in some browsers, like IE, this functionality doesn't work well, so you will need to use the 'Slides Order' panel to arrange slides.

If you double click the panel's handler, you will be able to edit the panel's title. This is a useful feature if you want to keep a better reference of your panels. To edit the title, first double click on the handler, then enter the title you want, then just hit the Enter key or click on the handler again.

If you move the mouse over a slide panel, you will also notice 5 icons in the upper right corner.

The first icon allows you to mark the slide. This is useful when you want to perform an action on multiple slide panels at once.

The second icon allows you to enable or disable the slide. A disabled slide will not appear in the published slider, so, if you want to temporarily remove a slide from the slider, you don't have to delete and then re-create it; you can simply disable the slide.

The third icon allows you to duplicate a slide. Duplicating a slide will create a new slide panel that has all the data of the original panel.

The fourth icon allows you to permanently delete a slide, and the fifth icon simply allows you to show or collapse the panel.

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